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Blick in die Vitrine des Moulagenmuseums Zürich, Foto: Navena Widulin

Moulagensammlungen in Finnland

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Die Moulagensammlung der Universität Helsinki

Smallpox (Variola), Miss Müllensiefen, ca. 1918-1920, Photo: Timo Huvilinna, Helsinki University Museum, 2011
Smallpox (Variola), Miss Müllensiefen, ca. 1918-1920 (Photo: Timo Huvilinna, Helsinki University Museum, 2011)

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"Ylpön lapset" or "Ylppö's children" was originally a collection of some 100 dermatological moulages commissioned by Arvo Ylppö, Finland's future archiatre, in Berlin between 1918 and 1920. 48 of these moulages are now in the collections of the Helsinki University Museum and 30 in the collections of another Finnish museum, the Children's Castle Hospital Museum.
Some of the "Ylppö's children" were originally used in the medical instruction collection, whereas others were displayed in two exhibitions of which another one was a travelling exhibition. The objective of both exhibitions was to educate the visitors about the care of children under the age of one, and the exhibitions also included a large amount of other observation material.


Helsinki University Museum takes care of the University's valuable museum collections and property – old tuition and research equipment, furniture and works of art. The museum also provides library, archive and photographic services pertaining to the history of the University and the history of medical science.
Haavisto, Emilia 2012: Ylpön lapset : Vuosina 1918-1920 valmistettujen vahakuvien esinehistoria ja konservointi. (Thesis, Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Conservation, Metropolia : University of Applied Sciences)

More Informations about Restoration/Conservation and History of the collection.